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Our statistics show that majority of the callouts our service engineers attend are due to a lack of preventative maintenance or avoidable damage caused by those operating the machine and that we receive substantially less callouts from companies with a Cleaning Machine Training program in place.

With a high turnover of staff in the cleaning industry our recommended “Train the Trainer” approach is to ensure cleaning machine training is given to a member of staff who has been made responsible for the cleaning machine. That person would then train others operating the machine and would be best placed to ensure regular maintenance tasks such as cleaning filters are carried out.

We work closely with suppliers to ensure our own staff are fully trained to repair, service and train others in the operation and maintenance of the machines we supply, as a result we are well placed to offer  training service to your team and find this works best when travel to your site to provide the training.

Call us today about organising training for your team today on 01630 661 596

viper fang 24t battery operated scrubber dryer-37e
Viper Fang 24T
craftex sweepex 62 920 ab4
Craftex Sweepex
karcher puzzi 30 4 spray extraction cleaner 275
Karcher Extraction Cleaner

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