Viper Fang Training for Evesham Retail Store Cleaning Staff

Although you mainly here about our engineers being called out to repair machine we also find they are best people to provide training to our customers. This was one such occasion where an engineer was needed to provide Viper Fang Training to the staff at a large retail store. The store was located in in Evesham, Worcestershire, a town where the traditional 15th century style high street and the Riverside Shopping Centre, as well as a retail park, provide locals and tourists alike with a number of places to shop and eat.

Prevention is better than the cure

Wise Dutch Philosopher Desiderius Erasmus once said “Prevention is better than the cure” and we completely agree as many of the callouts we attend are to correct problems that could of easily been avoided by a bit of simple preventive maintenance.

We often state that one of our goals is “Reduced Down time for your Equipment” and for this reason A3 Machines offer full on-site training with the delivery of every new machine. We also train a trainer so that as staff come and go, there is always someone present who can give ongoing training to the new members of the team. However occasionally the trainer leaves or a large turnover of staff makes it unpractical, and so training doesn’t always happen. In these cases, we are always happy to re-visit and give additional training.

Providing Viper Fang Training in Evesham

This is what had happened at the large retail store in Evesham, where a lot of staff had come and go and there were only a few members of staff remaining who knew how to properly operate and maintain the floor cleaning machine. So we sent one of our engineers to the store to train eight members of staff on the operation of their Viper Fang 24 Battery Powered Pedestrian Scrubber Drier. Whilst there, our engineer trained a manager specifically to be responsible for the training of new staff as and when it is required.

Having fully trained staff really does cut down on a lot of problems which occur due to lack of user knowledge, which in turn leads to user error which can cause preventable repairs.


Viper Fang Training by A3 Machines

Viper Fang 24T/26T/28T Training Program

The Viper Fang Training itinerary breaks down into two main parts, How to Operate and How to Maintain the Machine. Each part is hands-on and done in a way that increases familiarity with the machine and provide the staff with the ability to make informed decisions about if, when and how to call for assistance.

Operational Training consists of a number of areas such as:

  • Safe use of the Machine including Charging.
  • Familiarsation with the Controls
  • Filling and Discharging the Tanks
  • Changing of Cleaning Pads
  • Problem Troubleshooting

The second part of the Training relates to the General Maintenance of the machine.

  • Battery Top up with Distilled Water
  • Checking Hose Connections
  • Cleaning the Filter and dealing with filter Blockages
  • Descaling the Water Tank

If you feel your company would benefit from on-site training, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with A3 Machines Limited.

Cleaning Staff Training at large Retail Store in Evesham

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